Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Double Wedding Weekend: Barre, MA & Plymouth, MA

A couple weekends ago I had two weddings (one Saturday, one Sunday), and I was a total slacker when it came to taking pictures.

The first wedding was Bob & Amanda who got married at Harding Allen Estate in Barre, MA.  I only did bouquets for this wedding, and I did not take one.single.picture.  Their flowers were white and blue, but a little on the funkier side with some electric blue orchids.  Congrats to Bob and Amanda & please send me pictures if you have some!!

The second wedding was Katelyn & Greg, who had their reception at my favorite restaurant in Plymouth, East Bay Grille.  Seriously - the food is amazing, the view is amazing, and they have Oyster Bay wine - enough said!  The main colors for the wedding were white and turquoise, with fun pops of yellow and pink.

The Bride's bouquet of all white calla lilies with bear grass accents over the top.

The bridesmaids had simple bouquets of yellow and hot pink mokara orchids.

The ceremony flowers were tall sprays of curly willow branches with lots of pink calla lilies in tall tapered vases.  I have to say I met the nicest women when I was setting up the flowers in the church.  She told me she had recently lost her husband and was just praying while I set up.  When I was almost finished she came up to me and said how lovely they looked and how happy she was just to have someone to talk to for a while.  She made my day :)

The centerpieces were a mix of white and yellow cymbidium orchids submerged in a tall cylinder vase with turquoise gems at the bottom... this is where my slacking kicked in again, and I forgot to take pictures!  They did look very similar to the centerpieces at Katelyn and Kyle's wedding, which you can check out here.  Congrats to Katelyn & Greg!!

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